Friday 06 Dec 2019

Traffic Stop Leads To Marijuana Arrest

A suspect is busted with several ounces of pot during a Goldsboro traffic stop. Officers with the Goldsboro Police Department pulled the vehicle over on the 500 block of Gulley Street around 10:30 Sunday evening.  Further investigation led to the seizure of nine ounces of suspected marijuana.  43-year-old Dennis R. Mitchell of Goldsboro was arrested and charged with possession with Intent to Sell and Deliver Marijuana.  He was given a $9,000 secured bond.

Dennis Ray Mitchell


  1. dg says:

    we have a guy on my street with 5 counts of B and E still walking around stop wasting time locking ppl up for pot , they do this because they cant do their jobs and need an easy win to say “look we did something today”

  2. I stand corrected. The addicts that I’ve unfortunately had dealings with started out on pot. Regardless, the situation usually ends badly.

  3. Lil Sheba says:

    the good news, this dude won’t ever suffer from glaucoma

  4. Ugh says:

    Who cares? Stop wasting time (and ruining people’s lives and careers) on marijuana charges and do something about the real drug problems in Wayne County…meth, heroin, alcohol, and precription pills!

    • Retail Worker says:

      Most addicts start out on “harmless” marijuana.

      • Adamrothman says:

        That is a ridiculous statement

      • ugh says:

        You’re 100% wrong and evidence that these old myths are hard to kill. ALCOHOL is the gateway drug, not marijuana, with prescription drugs running it a close second in recent years. Luckily our society is slowly becoming more educated and moving away from antiquated ideas like this.

    • dg says:

      you are 100% right wayne county locks up someone for pot and they think they did something ,but refused to come out when everyone on my street called and called about ppl selling meth and guns in their front yard all we got was well we will look into it


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