Friday 06 Dec 2019

WCPS: Cultural Understanding Programs Expected For School Staff

The business of education continues and the job status of all Goldsboro High School employees remains the same. That’s the message from Wayne County Public Schools following the report of several teachers filing complaints against GHS Principal Christopher D. Horne.  An online article circulated in late March said Principal Horne had asked some teachers to read Peggy McIntosh’s “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.”  The teachers were also asked to submit a “cultural autobiography” as part of the professional development session.  Wayne County Public Schools confirmed the online article was written by a Goldsboro High employee.  WCPS says it took the matter very seriously, but is limited in what it can say regarding the findings of its investigation.  Tuesday, the district also released the following statement on the incident and ensuing investigation:

“The Wayne County Board of Education is committed to creating and maintaining an educational environment that encourages student learning but also respects and supports staff and students, recognizing the importance of diversity and tolerance.  Consistent with these goals, as well as the ongoing State licensure requirements for teachers, each principal is expected to initiate educational programs at the school level, including professional development for staff, in order to promote cultural understanding and remove barriers that may interfere with student learning.

Prior to the beginning of the second semester, Goldsboro High School’s principal surveyed teachers to determine professional development topics of interest and value to the staff.  Based on the results, a number of professional development workshops were offered to teachers, in the areas of classroom management, Career Technical Education content, Health/Physical Education content, instructional technology, and educational pedagogy.  Teachers generally chose their own workshop topics.

In the category of “pedagogy,” teachers could participate in the study of a book called “Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain,” by Zanetta Hammond, promoting a positive educational environment by emphasizing culturally responsive classroom instruction.    The workshop also utilized other materials, including an article by Peggy McIntosh, entitled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.”  About 15 teachers participated in this workshop on cultural responsiveness.  All of the readings and assignments associated with the topic were intended to promote critical thinking and awareness and generate healthy discussion among professional educators.  Ultimately, the exercises were intended to inform school culture, further mutual understanding by and among students and staff, promote tolerance, and lead to improved student learning.

The Wayne County Board of Education supports further training and dialogue around cultural diversity, awareness and tolerance, and believes more discussion is warranted in this area.  The Board intends to explore effective means of conducting such training system-wide in the future in an effort to strengthen meaningful discourse and ultimately further the mission of public schools.” 


  1. EAGLE EYE says:

    Absolutely right bubba, this is straight up left wing socialism (communism). Thankfully I don’t have any children in the NC education system or I would personally bring back b— whoopin into the NC school administration. This is just more of the leftist agenda. Diversity and tolerance is just a cover. When you look at all the democrat led school systems across the country they all have one thing in common, they are all failures.

    On May 1 the leftist led Red for Ed will be making another appearance in NC. The pathetic NCAE is gleefully involved to bully lawmakers to meet their spastic and unrealistic demands. Helping children is not their goal. I hope people take plenty of pictures of those who attend so we know who all the communist teachers are in our schools including Wayne Co. The organizer of this left wing group is a proclaimed communist from AZ. These teachers are wasting our education and tax dollars. Stop brainwashing our children and get the socialist losers out of our country! They hate the truth. Call them out.

    More charter schools and home schooling less left wing educators. Socialist need clueless followers.

    #Boycott Red for Ed Stand up and fight now or suffer with regret later.

  2. Seriously says:

    What exactly is the problem with this?

  3. jbwbubba says:

    And they wonder why the kids are failing math, and other courses. This sort of left wing garbage.


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