Thursday 22 Aug 2019

Council Considers Allowing Golf Carts On City Streets

Could golf carts join other motor vehicles on the streets of Goldsboro?

District 6 City Council member Gene Aycock says he was approached by a citizen that asked for golf carts to be allowed on the roads of their subdivision.

The citizens were apparently told they would be cited by the police department if they drove the golf carts on a city street.

Goldsboro currently does not have any ordinance governing use of golf carts on the city’s streets.

Council member Antonio Williams voiced a few concerns on letting golf carts join cars and trucks on city roads.

Williams wanted to know what roads the golf carts would be allowed on, and whether helmet and seatbelt use would be required.

The state has already set guidelines for municipalities regarding golf cart use on public streets.

It advises golf carts can be used on public streets with a speed limit of 35 mph or less and operators need to be 16 or older.

The Goldsboro City Council agreed to examine the possible golf cart regulations before the next meeting in May.



  1. Taxpayer says:

    So limit their use to streets with a 25 mph speed limit, start enforcing the speed limit and get serious about people running red lights.

  2. Beckylynn says:

    Hmmmm ….. very very bad idea !! Sounds like if it gets approved there must be someone on that council that owns a golf cart ? In the city ? Some people get what some people want !!

  3. tinker says:

    Why is this even being considered, drivers already have enough obstacles to watch for now.

    • Taxpayer says:

      In the communities where golf carts are driven, it reduces the number of vehicles on road. Plus, there are some people who may not feel comfortable operating an automobile but they are able to safely drive a golf cart. Gives them some independence.

      • ???? says:

        Why would a golf cart feel “safer” for them? They’d still have to obey the same traffic laws as they would if they were driving a car and a golf cart would offer less protection than a car in the event of an accident. These would be the same people who would be backing up traffic on Spence Avenue or on Wayne Memorial while cruising to Walmart or Harris Teeter to buy a bag of cat food to feed the neighborhood stray cats. Again….golf cart… golf course, duh.

        • Taxpayer says:

          You’ve obviously never spent any time in a community where golf carts are driven on roads.

          • ???? says:

            I’ve been to enough of the beach communities in this state and others to know that it will create more traffic and safety issues for the majority of us by approving it just to appease a few. Read the statistics on golf cart related injuries where they’re approved for street use. It’s not just my opinion….

            “People in these vehicles are at as much risk as someone on a bicycle,” said Jana Lynott, a senior policy adviser at AARP who specializes in transportation. “There’s very little protection. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to throw them onto roads where traffic is 45, or even 35, miles an hour.”

            “If they get hit by a much larger vehicle, they aren’t going to hold up,” said Jessica Cicchino, a vice president at the highway safety institute, which doesn’t think LSVs and golf carts should be permitted on roads with cars, especially roads with higher speed limits. Cicchino said her group did a crash test in 2010 between an LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) and a Smart car. The driver in the LSV would have suffered serious or fatal injuries, she said. A driver in a regular golf cart would likely be even more at risk.
            “They are not crash-worthy,” Cicchino said. “An SUV can weigh three or four times as much as a golf cart or an LSV.”
            Cicchino said it’s particularly worrisome when older people are involved. “They’re more fragile and more susceptible to injuries in a crash, so it can be especially dangerous.”

  4. Adamrothman says:

    Not that different than the morons that walk in the middle of the steet,road or highway.

  5. ???? says:

    Wow…never thought that I’d find myself agreeing with Antonio Williams but I have to say that the man is right on this one. Goldsboro is not a resort town (beach or mountainous) or a designated “retirement community” so there is no need to add further congestion to our city streets by allowing these vehicles. The article mentioned that state guidelines say “… golf carts can be used on public streets with a speed limit of 35 mph or less and operators need to be 16 or older.” That would allow them on Ash Street, Wayne Memorial Drive and Berkeley Boulevard …streets that are already congested during much of the day. Allowing golf carts would add not only more congestion, but also additional work loads to an already overworked police force. It’s bad enough now when the moped riders (who think that they don’t have to abide by the vehicular laws) tie up traffic on some of the major streets & roads. Please do not allow these vehicles on our city streets They’re called “golf carts” for a reason…. they belong on a golf course.

  6. Joey says:

    This would be a very bad idea. So many drunks that have lost their drivers license and drive golf carts. And the term “golf cart” is a pretty broad term. There are four wheelers out there that appear to be golf carts but have 6 cylinder engines. They would be allowing drunks back on the road again. It opens up too many problems for everyone. It would also come down to everyone who owns a golf cart to have insurance and a tag just like mopes and scooters. It would be bad all the way around

    • Taxpayer says:

      Most communities that have adopted a golf cart policy which allows them on on public roads have fairly strict guidelines such as inspection and permits, can only be driven by licensed operators (regular license), operation during daylight hours.

    • Ricky says:

      Golf carts and their drivers would be subject to regular motor vehicle state laws regarding registration, insurance and driving license. This would not prevent “drunks” from driving them, but neither do current laws. The registration fees would generate revenue, albeit a nearly negligible amount, for a vehicle that has no maintenance impact on city maintained streets.

      While state law is somewhat vague, it does attempt to define golf carts as vehicles designed for use on golf courses. This would rule out the more powerful UTVs.


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