Friday 19 Jul 2019

Goldsboro P.D. Investigates Church B&E

Over $5,000 worth of items is reported stolen from a Goldsboro church. Tuesday morning, the Goldsboro Police Department took the report on the break-in at a church on the 2300 block of N. William Street.  A church employee had arrived at the place of worship and discovered what appeared to be an older model, blue, four door Oldsmobile or Cadillac parked along the side of the building. Once it was spotted, the vehicle fled.  The employee then discovered a door had been pried open and numerous items had been removed from the church.  The total value of stolen and damaged items was listed at $5,700.  No suspects were listed in the GPD report.


  1. Fed Up says:

    It takes a crappy person to break into a church. They’d rather break in than be in the service in Sunday. It’s what’s wrong with the world now.

    • Joey says:

      I might have agreed with you 40 years ago, but today they are nothing more than a business like any other. In fact they are a dream business because:

      The business pays no income taxes.

      The business pays no property taxes.

      Most or all the labor is provided free by volunteers.

      The building or facility is provided free by donors.

      The overhead is paid for by donors.

      The owner’s salary is paid for by donors.

      The owner is not required to produce any legitimate product, and so he does not.

      The owner is not required to provide any legitimate service, and so he does not.

      The owner is not required to deal with customer complaints. (Customers are thrown out or asked to leave and this is all done pretty much legally).

      The owner is not required to give refunds or return any donations to dissatisfied “customers”.

      The owner can reinvest all or the majority of donations back into the business to expand and grow it larger.

      The dream-business can spiritualize all of the above and claim to operate this way “in the name of Jesus” giving unwary people the distinct impression that the owner (usually a “pastor”) has God’s full approval and permission to behave the way he does, thus lending “credibility” to his actions.

      • It’s sad you say a dream business…..its a place of worship. Maybe you need to go to church

        • Joey says:

          I take my wife every Sunday and have to endure the same thing every week, the pastor and others worshiping death and promise you a mansion in the sky with streets lined with gold and then ask for more money because the poor people in Africa can’t afford to eat or drink clean water. While some American citizens have to go without. I recall when I was 10 years old and there were fund raisers for those folks over there in third world countries.Well they survived and had children and the cycle starts all over again and again. I say stop it now. And Just say No. After that the pastor brings up his salary and how he needs more to pay for his new Honda and his Harley Davidson. Organized religion is a scam

        • Fed Up says:

          Joey, you just stick to your beliefs and I’ll stick to mine.

      • Fed Up says:

        I think you need to open your Bible and see what it had to say about the House of God.

        • Joey says:

          You can not prove the bible with the bible that is a common fallacy or in other words circular thinking

      • Lil Sheba says:

        I realize that not all churches are as you have described but I believe that you are more on target than some folks are willing or wanting to admit. Maybe they’re too young to recall the scandals of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker…the outrageous spending, the opulent homes (with gold plated bathroom fixtures), luxury cars and trips, etc. all with monies that were raised to “support overseas missions”. In 1985 the IRS found that $1.3 million in ministry funds were used for the Bakkers’ personal benefit in just a 3 year period alone. And don’t forget Jim’s sexual assault/rape charges.
        Then there was Jerry Falwell and his famous “I have sinned” confession after getting exposed (pardon the pun) for his involvement with prostitutes. I wonder where that money came from….little old ladies who sent in a check every month to “stay in good standing with God”. Oh yeah, there’s money to be made from promising eternal life (for just a small donation)….

    • I agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!! What makes a person break into a church? They will be taken care of in the end.


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