Saturday 04 Apr 2020

Fremont’s Police Chief Heads For Retirement

Fremont Police Chief Paul Moats (from the Town of Fremont’s website)

For the past eight years, Paul Moats has patrolled the streets of Fremont as the town’s police chief.

That will come to an end on Thursday as Moats retires from the top cop position.

Chief Moats says he’s very proud of what the Fremont P.D. has accomplished over the past eight years.

In a period of about two-years, Moats says the town’s crime rate was reduced by about 76%.

Moats says the real payoff has been getting to see Fremont’s citizens enjoy their community.

Chief Moats was also able to oversee an expansion of the police headquarters as the Fremont Town Hall moved into the old BB&T Building.

He says the citizens of Fremont have become family to him.

Moats worked at the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office for over 20 years before becoming Fremont’s Police Chief eight years ago.

Moats’ last day is Thursday, May 30, and his retirement is effective Saturday, June 1.

Fremont Police Chief Paul Moats talks with a citizen following heavy storms in May.


  1. bigbob says:

    It should not be a big issue to go around, it might take you an extra 30 seconds of your time. Well it only takes 30 seconds to go around if you only have to do it once a day. But if you have to go that way 3 or more times a day and you live in Fremont that adds up. I can’t see why the Fire Dept. and Ems did not kick on them being closed off. One crossings being on North street that leads from the ball field straight across town.The other beings near down town.
    I read something in the paper about the town have a meeting on it. But just knew the town would never do anything like that. Bet anything I read in the paper the town is meeting on I will be there next time. No matter how stupid it sounds.

  2. bigbob says:

    I said he did Great police work if you read my post.
    Not everyone can read a tape.

  3. bigbob says:

    Sorry to see Chief Moats leave. But we will not forget him we have two railroad crossing closed because it took to much of his time when big trucks would get stuck on the tracks. I know the town board had vote on it. But someone had to push it. Also if you live in Fremont we know where Chief Moats hung out out most of the time someone posted it around town on light polls. They came down fast!! Also funny to see a grown man out pulling a tape to see how tall someone’s grass is. Great police work. Well I can give it to him he never got a DUI like the past two police chief’s. Also he never solved the crime of Who Shot Andy?

    • SMH says:

      You are correct. The town of Fremont will be sad he retired. But now is your chance to take the job.

    • Delta says:

      I still don’t understand the need to close those railroad crossings. I lived in and around that town for 14 years from the mid-90’s to the late 2000’s and the crossings were rarely ever an issue. Those crossings should’ve been kept open, IMO.

      • Joey says:

        Over the years, the road has been paved a few times and the incline has changed not only from the asphalt but the erosion of roadway. It should not be a big issue to go around, it might take you an extra 30 seconds of your time

    • Delta says:

      Fremont police is not involved in the Andy Evans case because it happened outside of town limits. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is handling the case since it’s in their jurisdiction.

    • Blue says:

      Why don’t you come out from your Mom’s basement and go to the Academy, put on the uniform, and do a better job since you obviously know how to do “Police Work.”
      You keyboard warriors make me fear for the future of our society.

  4. Delta says:

    He was the best chief Fremont had in 20+ years. His predecessors were worthless.


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