Tuesday 20 Aug 2019

City & County Support Military Base Protection Act

Being home to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, Goldsboro and Wayne County are formally voicing their support for the Military Base Protection Act.

The Goldsboro City Council was first to approve a resolution supporting the Military Base Protection Act last week. However, not everyone agreed with the resolution.

Council member Antonio Williams thought it was unnecessary since the city and surrounding areas were not places developers wanted to build wind farms.

Mayor Chuck Allen explained the act would wind farms would not disrupt the training grounds for aircraft from Seymour Johnson.

The Wayne County Board of Commissioners followed suit Tuesday and approved a similar resolution.

Commissioner Wayne Aycock says the legislation is important for military installations across Eastern North Carolina.

Commissioner Ray Mayo says the new bill would strengthen existing laws regarding wind farms.

Senate Bill 377, known as the Military Base Protection Act, would prohibit the construction, operation or expansion of wind energy facilities in areas that would harm the military’s ability to perform aviation training.

An F-15 is refueled mid-flight


  1. Your Pal Hal says:

    “I know what guys! Let’s make a new law banning the construction of wind turbines. That will make it appear like we are working hard to protect the city while having the military’s best interest at heart.” – Goldsboro’s tax money hard at work…

    First, the state’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources must approve any construction of a wind farm. There has already been studies and surveys to determine where, if anywhere, would be feasible to construct wind turbines in NC. Pretty much anyplace that is further that 50 miles from the coast would make about as much sense as building a solar farm in Seattle. Maybe that is why these “desperate” farmers are leasing their land to these solar farms. Or to the many cell phone companies with towers reaching near 400 feet in height across parts of Wayne county. Of course these have to be approved by multiple branches of government, but God forbid you mention that US Cellular can’t build their towers in Wayne county because they are taller than the average wind turbine height…

    This is complete nonsense. Make a restriction on building heights (its already there). Just try building a storage building in your back yard and see how long before big brother fines you. This law is redundant, useless and insulting.

    • SMH says:

      Let me guess Hal. You got a F social studies didn’t you? Do you even understand what the Goldsboro city council and Wayne County board of commissioners are doing? They are simply expressing support for a bill currently in the North Carolina senate. I don’t believe it cost the CoG or Wayne County a dime to do so. Also, the bill does not address any specific county or town. It will apply to all of North Carolina.

    • ???? says:

      Pal Hal, I’m not quite grasping your statement “Pretty much anyplace that is further that (sic) 50 miles from the coast would make about as much sense as building a solar farm in Seattle.” In my travels, I have seen wind turbines in the northeast, southeast, midwest, southwest and western regions or this country, with most being nowhere near and some being over a thousand miles from the coast. Can you explain your statement? Although they may not have solar farms there (I’m not sure if they do or don’t), I think you’d be surprised to know the extent of solar energy usage in Seattle.

  2. Lil Sheba says:

    Antonio’s girlfriend/fiancee/business partner probably told him that there was nothing in the deal to benefit him/them so there’s no point in voting for it….

  3. Joey says:

    What Mr Williams does not realize is that there are a lot of farmers that are not doing real well and would jump at the chance to put some coin in their pocket by selling or leasing their land for use as wind farms, He just needs to resign his position and find a job that would suit him better. Like maybe cleaning bedpans

    • SMH says:

      I would not trust him in any health care related position. He needs to stick to selling hot dogs and snow cones.

  4. what?! says:

    This Bozo strikes again….of course he opposed it.


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