Wednesday 16 Oct 2019

Suspect Found With Drugs During Probation Search

A warrantless search leads to drug charges against a Goldsboro man. On Sunday, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office ACE Team assisted Wayne County Probation with a warrantless search at a home on the 1000 block of Aycock Street.  During the search, 26-year-old Christopher S. Sharp was allegedly found with narcotics and contraband.  Sharp was charged with Possession with Intent to Sell and Deliver Marijuana, Maintain a Dwelling, Possession of Schedule III, and Possession of Paraphernalia.  He was booked into the Wayne County Detention Center under a $2,000 secured bond.  The warrantless search is part of regular conditions of Sharp’s probation.

Christopher Scott Sharp


  1. typical commenters says:

    He didn’t get caught with drugs. They came in to his home and found weed. WEED. Nothing but local “law” enforcement profiting from abuse of power

    • Betablocker says:

      I dont think the evidence was contrived, if you’re on probation, that’s like your last chance so, probably won’t go over well in front of a judge that it was “just” weed.

    • Lil Sheba says:

      Weed is still illegal in this state. Period! If and when that changes, he can smoke all that he wants as long as it’s within the guidelines of his probation. However, the article states that he was “charged with possession with intent to sell and deliver” as well as with possession of a Schedule III drug. So it wasn’t “just weed”. The “take-away” here would be that he needs to learn to play by the rules. And you need to quit making excuses for his stupidity. How about the next time you need a law enforcement officer, call a “stoner” and see how that works for you. Our LE officers don’t need to create situations, they have more than they can handle every shift, every day. We law abiding citizens respect, support and appreciate them.

  2. Carter says:

    Got the trailer park trash stamp on his neck !

  3. bigbob says:

    Only a $2,000 secured bond. The drugs they got were worth more than that. Wayne County needs a work farm.
    Sun up to sun down they will stop doing drugs or move from Wayne County.

  4. Aaliyah says:

    Hey, Christopher S. Sharp, why not just get a job, start reading books, learn a new skill or trade, eat healthy, maybe even listen to some Bach?


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