Friday 18 Oct 2019

Maxwell Center Generates Over $5 Million For Local Economy

The Travel and Tourism Department for the City of Goldsboro and Wayne County, also known as Visit Goldsboro, has published an economic impact report on the first operating year of the Maxwell Regional Agricultural and Convention Center in Goldsboro. The purpose of the report is to determine how the Maxwell Center has positively impacted the local economy of Goldsboro-Wayne County. It reveals that during its first operating year, the Maxwell Center generated an estimated $5,313,960 of new revenue into the local economy from visitor expenditures.

The report is based on data collected from multiple sources. These include the Maxwell Center’s internal reports for contracted events during its first year of operating, Goldsboro-Wayne County Travel and Tourism market research, and Visit NC’s 2017 Visitor Profile Study. Additionally, the Travel and Tourism Department collaborated with local hotels to document actualized room nights based on contracted events, to ensure the data was as robust as possible.

The Maxwell Center opened March 1, 2018, and in its first year of operating, has held 200 event days in total. It was voted The Readers’ Choice Award by ConventionSouth Magazine– ahead of 2,000 other venues, facilities and Convention Visitors Bureaus. A newly revised website for the Maxwell Center was recently launched at For the next operating year, 145 event days are already on their books.

Craig Honeycutt, County of Wayne Manager, commented on the success of the Maxwell Center so far saying, “In the first year, The Maxwell Center has exceeded our expectations for event booking, attendance, and income. The venue is becoming a major regional destination for meetings, trainings and conferences. Wayne County is extremely proud to have The Maxwell Center.”

The report released by the Travel and Tourism Department also gives some deeper insight as to how the Maxwell Center has performed this year. It reveals that approximately 63 events held at the Maxwell Center have generated overnight stays in Goldsboro, the estimated total of overnight travel parties was 7,012, and the estimated hotel revenue generated from Maxwell Center events was $117,366.

Commenting on the fact that the Maxwell Center hosted over 50,000 patrons in total in its first operating year, James Wade Jr, Venue Director & General Manager of the Maxwell Center said, “Being the largest facility in Wayne County has brought many events to us because they outgrew other venues. Several events have been able to expand or even double their attendance. We have the ability to seat up to 1,000 at round tables of 10, or up to 1,800 theater-style with a large stage. Our rentable spaces include adjustable size ballrooms and classrooms.”

Ashlin Glatthar, Director of Travel & Tourism for Goldsboro-Wayne County added, “the Maxwell Center has put Goldsboro-Wayne County on the map as a meetings and group travel destination. The study demonstrates that this venue is an important asset to our tourism economy, generating new revenue that will help us continue improving the quality of life in our area.”

The study reveals the Maxwell Center is a strong demand generator for visitors and overnight travel. In an effort to capture the new demand, the city and county continue to work together to secure a hotel on the available six acres adjacent to the Maxwell Center. Since publishing the market and feasibility study by HVS in the summer of 2018, several hotel development groups have demonstrated interest in the available property. The city and county are confident that hotel development will take place soon. More information about the hotel development opportunity can be found at

To read more about the economic impact study, visit


  1. Show me facts says:

    This is purely hypothetical with no factual empirical data to prove it being true… sad this is the focus when Goldsboro has zero good paying jobs and no future of good jobs ever coming to Wayne County. Study the lack of good paying jobs and study the inept Human Resources talent personnel who are gate keepers and prevent growth in this county. Sad. Very very sad.

  2. Zachary Lilly says:

    Is this report available? Seems like quite a stretch.

    • Joey says:

      I tend to agree with you. There is a link at the bottom of the article. It is not an official report, just a notation of someone boasting or claiming. The total amount of money divided by the amount of people comes out to $360 per person (patron) I would need to see a breakdown of the 63 events they claim to have had.

      They also need to be careful about how much money they claim was generated, because sooner or later the general public is going to want to know where it went and what it was used for.

    • py says:

      Agree. I’m not someone rooting against the Maxwell Center and I sincerely hope it has long-term benefits to the area economy. However, it’s also getting a reputation for shutting out a lot of community groups that want to use it because of the high rental fees and a long list of rules that limit how you can use the facility for your event. Just looking at it with a cautious eye.

      • Taxpayer says:

        Who was denied use of the Maxwell and what was the reason given?

        • zachary Lilly says:

          I think the reply is specifically referring to the price point. Most small local groups and organizations simply can’t afford it. We have run into this issue with the nonprofit I am involved with.


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