Friday 18 Oct 2019

Council Sets Censure Hearing For July

Antonio Williams

A Goldsboro City Council member will have to wait until mid-July for his censure hearing.

Monday evening, the Goldsboro City Council set July 15th as the date for the censure hearing for Councilman Antonio Williams.

At Monday’s meeting, Mayor Chuck Allen said the city is looking for an outside party, possibly a former judge, to run the hearing.

Williams said he would have to consult with his attorney on the idea.

During Monday’s discussion, council member Bevan Foster asked that the city hold a hearing on the investigation into the ethics complaint filed against Mayor Chuck Allen for improperly filing property disclosure forms.

The city manager agreed to look into the ethics investigation against the mayor.

The city council voted to move forward with the censure process due to Williams’ alleged behavior toward Goldsboro Community Relations Director Shycole Simpson-Carter.

Williams’ censure hearing is scheduled to begin at 10 AM on July 15th.


  1. Olivia Masterson says:

    Instead censuring Councilman Williams, the mayor and his sidekicks need to be censured and the woman that brought those outrageous lies about Mr. Williams should be fired!
    I have known Mr. Williams since he opened Ice Storm and he nothing but kind and generous. He has had ample opportunity to get aggravated with some of the people downtown, but has always remained calm and kind.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      You clearly failed to read the report.

    • Adamrothman says:

      Must be the girlfriend mentioned in the report

    • Lil Sheba says:

      “kind and generous”? What did he do, give you a free ice cream cone? This man reeks of sleaze in almost every issue brought before the City Council and apparently in his personal life as well. The only other person on the Council who could even come close to measuring up to his level of antagonism and (to use a non-libelous term) “questionable behavior”, is Bevan Foster…and he’s not even a close second.

  2. Delta says:

    I see Foster is still waging war against Allen over the whole “Make Goldsboro PD Great Again!” fiasco…


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