Wednesday 11 Dec 2019

Seven Springs 4th Of July Celebration [PHOTOS]

A crowd of about 350 people came out late Saturday afternoon to the river bank in Seven Springs to enjoy an old fashioned style 4th of July picnic on the grounds near the wildlife boat ramp.

People started showing up early with their lounge chairs, looking to find a shady spot on the bank of the Neuse River, to enjoy some good old fashioned food and listen to the music from the group call Empty Pockets while waiting to see a really great display of fireworks out over the river.

Rhonda Hughes and her team work diligently all day long cooking barbecue and barbecue chicken getting them ready for the picnic. Everywhere you looked, from the young children to the elders, all you could see were smiles and friendship from everyone.

Just before dusk, people began to turn there lounges chairs around and settle in to watch as the first volley of fireworks went streaking upwards toward the skies with a slight blue backdrop from the late afternoon sunset. The spectacular colors of red, white and blue filled the skies for about 20 minutes.

Officials from the town said this has been the largest crowd since they started having it a few years ago. They were so many people and vehicle that the town had it own traffic jam as people were leaving.


  1. ???? says:

    I am so proud of the people of this little town. Their tenaciousness, determination and ability to repeatedly rebound after so much devastation from the numerous floods is commendable.

  2. Kim says:

    Please learn to use “their” correctly. This is the second story from GDN that I have read this week using “there” when “their” was the correct form needed. Also, there were a couple of mistakes with the tense of words, i.e. ” . . the group ‘called’ Empty Pockets . . .” and ” . . . her team ‘worked’ diligently . . .” I’m fairly certain that the same sentence was not written correctly. I believe it should have read, “. . . barbecue and barbecue chicken TO GET READY for the picnic.” I don’t mean to be ugly, but shouldn’t news sources with journalism training know how to write using correct grammar and spelling?


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