Wednesday 20 Nov 2019

Goldsboro Council Races Start Shaping Up

So far, this year’s Goldsboro City Council races will not require the city to hold a primary. After one full week, 11 candidates have filed for election or reelection in the city’s councilmember and mayoral races. The candidates filing for the city’s mayor and councilmember seats are:

    • Chuck Allen (i)
    • Zachary E. Lilly
    • Kelvin Maurice Stallings
    • Bill Broadaway (i)
    • Taj J. Polack
    • Sadie Baldwin Simmons
    • Brandi N. Matthews
    • Jermaine Dawson
    • David Ham (i)
    • David L. Craig
    • Gene Aycock (i)

Note: (i) indicates incumbent

The deadline to file for candidacy is 12 PM next Friday, July 19th.  The latest candidate lists and complete candidate filing rules are available on


  1. Taxpayer says:

    I’m voting for Mayor Chuck Allen. Nobody else has the organizational skills or confidence of the vast majority of CoG residents.

    Again, the Splash Pads at the Bryan Multi-Sports Complex were paid for with a donation from the Bryan Family, not CoG funds.

  2. Joey says:

    Instead of complaining drop your name into the hat and become a candidate yourself. Until then you have no room to complain

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Amen. Everyone is quick to complain, but not many people will step up to the plate. I know Mayor Allen isn’t perfect, but I feel like he does have the best interest of Goldsboro at heart. No one would work as hard as he does and not take a salary for his efforts. Mr. Foster only seems interested in stirring up controversy and is certainly not a visible member of our community. I can’t imagine someone like him representing our community.

  3. Olivia Masterson says:


  4. Olivia Masterson says:

    A B C for mayor.

    This city council, for the most part needs an overhaul. Questions about monies not being accounted for, backstabbing, this city is FAR better than that. I’ve been here for 17 years now, and it has gotten worse over time. Right now, there is a man in the mayors chair that is WAY behind in federal taxes, and he is running again? I will do everything in my power to help get him out of office.

    Work that needs to be done to repair sidewalks on Walnut St., there’s no money for that. but Oh YEAH, money for stupid things like splash pads.

  5. ???? says:

    So…Bevan Foster has entered the Mayoral race? Wow! Buckle up Goldsboro, we could be headed into “The Twilight Zone”….

    • Delta says:

      No kidding! I know Allen has his faults, but for the sake of the city, do NOT let Foster become mayor!

    • Waynecountynative says:

      Wow, Chuck Allen vs Bevan Foster! That’s like the 2016 Presidential race, there just isn’t a good option. Can city residents just check “None of the Above”?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yeah, because Foster’s done such a great job as Councilman
      (sarcasm: the use of irony to mock or convey contempt)
      All he did was play the role of sidekick to Williams
      At least when he loses we’ll also be rid of him on the Council

  6. This is it city residents. Unfortunately, in the City Council race, you can only vote for the council position relative to the district in which you live. As a council member, it’s productive to sometimes disagree or put a different prospective on issues but to continuously be an antagonist and disrupt the Mayor and Council from dealing with the issues that affect us a community due to your own narcissistic, self-serving actions, is unacceptable. We all know that there are a couple of incumbents that really need to go. Let’s make it happen this year.


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