Wednesday 16 Oct 2019

City Decides On New Downtown Sculptures

“Navigator” will be placed at the Center Street and Mulberry Street intersection.

Goldsboro decides on the next round of downtown art.

The public was invited to comment on nine prospective sculptures during the end of July.

The Public Art Steering Committee then made its recommendation for the four sculptures that would grace the downtown for the next year.

Downtown Development Director Julie Metz told the Goldsboro City Council last week there was even more public input this year, with about 350 responses to the proposed artworks.

Metz says the sculptures do more than just fill space along the rehabilitated Center Street area.

The artworks draw people to the downtown and are often photographed as part of celebrations and milestones.

The Goldsboro City Council approved the four recommended sculptures.

The annual installation ceremony for the new public art displays is scheduled for October 11th.



  1. David says:

    How about publishing how much these cost the city???

    • Eyesore says:

      Really? We are paying people for THAT?
      How about we get some high school and/or WCC art students who would make something FREE. They would love to do it, could get coursework credit for it, and something to put on their resume.

      • Blue says:

        What an absolute waste of money!

      • Students says:

        Even if a student was to make the art, they should be paid too. The city shouldn’t take advantage of them simply because they’re in school. Students already have it hard enough and their time is worth something.

      • Art says:

        Supporting students is wonderful. However, assuming that high school students can easily construct a metal sculpture is far from reality. Sculpture and metal art is a well-honed skill, which is why these PROFESSIONALS charge 10’s of thousands of dollars for their craft.
        The city leases the art to save a substantial amount of money, while still enhancing the landscape with these large pieces.


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