Monday 11 Nov 2019

Suspect Wanted In Relation To Altercation At Walmart

Charges are filed in relation to an altercation and shots fired incident at a local Walmart. Goldsboro Police Department officers responded to the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Tommy’s Road on the afternoon of August 9th for the report of a fight and shots fired in the parking lot.  Two bail bond agents had reportedly attempted to take Tony Patrick into custody for bond surrender.  The agents confronted Patrick as he sat in a vehicle operated by 33-year-old Meghan B. Coble of Goldsboro.  Coble attempted to drive away, dragging one of the bond agents with the vehicle.  The agents handgun fell out of its holster and discharged one round.  Patrick attempted to flee on foot but was quickly captured by one of the bond agents.  No one was injured from the firearm’s accidental discharge.  Coble suffered a possible broken arm and was taken to Wayne UNC Health Care for treatment.  Warrants have now been secured on Meghan B. Coble for Careless and Reckless Driving, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Probation Violation.  As of Thursday evening’s release, Coble is still wanted at this time.

WANTED: Meghan Brittany Coble

In consultation with the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office, no charges will be filed against bond agent Byron Thompson for the discharge of his firearm. It was determined this was an accident and there was no criminal intent on Thompson’s part in the discharge of the firearm.

Additionally, the North Carolina Department of Insurance Bail Bond Regulatory Division has been notified and will be conducting an investigation of this incident. For the public’s knowledge, according to a Division representative, it is legal for bail bond agents to be armed, just as any other citizen may be, while performing their work.


  1. Resident says:

    That careless guy needs to be fired and have his CC permit revoked.
    A wayne county grocery shopper could have easily been killed.

    Thank God for His protection on the innocent.

  2. Citizen says:

    How incredibly dangerous to the public….why couldn’t the bond agents follow them home and make the arrest there? This is incredibly impatient and shows a total disregard for public safety.

    • Lisa says:

      Maybe they did not want to follow him home because he is a known dealer and user! Could have been more problems for the bondsman.

    • Citizen 2 says:

      I agree also I find it hard to believe if the weapon had been holstered properly it wouldn’t have gone off as it did. Most likely the weapon was drawn and it fell to the ground during the altercation.

    • ugh says:

      This happened next door to an elementary school. Just a few weeks later and the kids would have been there. The bond agents should have considered this prior to trying to make this arrest here. I’m sorry if following the suspect home would have been more dangerous for the agents, but IMO that would have been better than what happened, and these agents should know that danger is a possibility when they start this job. I can’t imagine why a firearm was necessary in the first place…the original story didn’t say anything about the suspect having a weapon, and just because this woman tried to escape in her car isn’t a reason for the agents to try to shoot them. Very unprofessional.


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