Wednesday 08 Apr 2020

Sheriff’s Office Issues Statement On Fair Fracas

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has issued a full statement regarding Saturday’s incident at the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair:

“On Saturday evening, October 5th, 2019, an altercation occurred between a Wayne County Sheriff’s deputy and a suspect.  The suspect was being escorted from the Wayne County Fair after the suspect had caused problems with other fair patrons.

As the deputy and the suspect approached the exit gate, the suspect snatched away from the deputy, cursed at the deputy and began to struggle, resist and fight the deputy.  The deputy along with two other deputies in the area gained control of the suspect.  The suspect was charged after refusing to leave the premises.

The altercation was recorded by a person near the exit gate and a complaint concerning the incident has been filed.  The complaint is being reviewed by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Professional Standards division.”

Follow the link below for bystander video of the incident.

WARNING: Video contains graphic language and violence.

Wayne County Fair Video (NSFW)


  1. The Truth says:

    One bad move doesn’t need to ruin a young woman’s future but her parents and their friends are going down a path that’s only going to hurt their daughter. It won’t help them much either. They really shouldn’t use that kind of language when referring to others. Anyone else would be called a racist. It’s public record now though.

  2. Logan456 says:

    I too saw the video. The county fair was designed to be a family fun event, not WWE event! The very reason my family no longer attend! These teenagers were acting the fool and being escorted out. The officer was doing his job! I am so tired of these young punks thinking they can do anything they want and hide behind a race card, poor childhood card or female card. You fight law enforcement, you deserve what you get! One day, little girl, daddy won’t be there to fight your battle and you will have to accept the consequences for your actions!

  3. Barbershop says:

    Ok we saw what he did wrong !?!
    Now tell us what she/He did wrong !?!

  4. My two cents says:

    My thing is what led to the yoing ppl being kicked put the fair what was the real reason for that. The fact that the recordimg was sent to the. News but the truth of tje matter is when the sister and her brother and several individuals jumped a young man . y wasnt that video get sent to the news but instead sent to Instagram. For fame. Right is right wrong is wrong. Please if u going to. Justify what the police did that was only doing his job.justify what those same individuals did that young man .

  5. Sick of the black lives matter says:

    Are you really playing the card of black lives matter, so it was a fight inside the fair with kids there. As a father of a daughter I thank him for doing his job. If it was a purple deputy I would thank him. It’s a shame that something happens and it’s the deputies fault. But if it was a black deputy and a white girl it would of been the white girls fault. Face reality you can’t get ignorance out of people so along with that comes stupidity. I have known the deputy for years. He would give the shirt off his back would help do anything he could and he comes from a stand up family. Now let’s talk about stupid have you seen her on TV for attention, not 1 complete sentence came out of her mouth. I am tired of everything being pushed down our throats have this and now look what the state fair is trying to get passed. See the problem??? Look in the mirror and see what stupid looks like. As for the attorney you only speak when you think you can make money off something. Where ole where is WILLIAM At????? The next joke… the lead teacher that’s right he made money off something and he was out. Now what ? All lives matter!!! Trump 2020!!!

  6. C says:

    I see all of these ridiculous comments here and it amuses me.
    It’s funny how the video only shows the punch and not the fact prior to that she forced her way into a separate altercation when the Deputy was trying to detain someone else and she jumped on his back on his gun side.
    NO ONE is discussing that.
    All of you want “facts,” right?
    There is your facts.
    If you still feel the need to criticize, BLET is accepting applications for the upcoming academy starting in January.
    And as for you Mr. Attorney dude on here. You are a special kind…. And it’s Wayne County Sheriff’s Office not Police. It’s Deputy, not Officer. If you were a real “licensed” attorney you would know that. You’re a fake street lawyer.

  7. Adamrothman says:

    Your grammar is laughable.

  8. Obvious says:

    Why isn’t there this much outrage whenever it’s a black on black crime which is a lot more common than this. Do people just put a blind eye on that?

    • my 2 cents says:

      Exactly if her brother was supposedly getting “jumped” why isn’t their community going after these aggressors the same way they’re going against the police officer who was doing his job. They have posted the officers name online for everybody to see, putting his life at a higher a risk than it already is, Yet the perpetrators of the “jump” remain anonymous. Why, does that not make good headlines “Black men attack other black men” or is the no snitch mentality too high? ” stop blaming everything on race and recognize that she was in the wrong.

  9. Barbara Monk says:

    What that policeman did was WRONG. He should not have hit that young lady like that. They do it because they know nothing will happen to them . He should be FIRED ! There is too much of that going on.

    • NMN says:

      Barbara, dear clueless Barbara, had she been “a lady” none of this would have happened. She’s supposedly a good basketball player, which would lead anyone to believe that she’s also very physically fit and strong. Apparently her scholarship has nothing to do with character or decision making capabilities, only with basketball skills. She should have just walked out without incident but obviously she didn’t think the situation through.
      I appreciate the deputy and all other law enforcement officers who try to make the fair a safe place for my family. This was actually the first time in years that I’ve taken my children to the fair due to crap like this. It’s the stupid thug mentality like the “victims” in this case have that ruin such events for everyone.

  10. Laughable says:

    I think the cops should be fired. Just for being weak. He couldn’t knock her out and he swing hard. She should be protecting us. You people still think a badge give you the right to do whatever you want

  11. Attorney for the People— Black lives matter says:

    This behavior by the officer is unacceptable! It is my professional judgment that this officer be placed on administrative leave until further action is taken against him. If it can be shown that this officers use of unreasonable force is part of a pattern of behavior, then the Wayne county police department will have no choice but to reprimand him accordingly. This video has went viral on Facebook, and the only consistent statement amongst the great citizens of Wayne county is that “Officer Corbett is known for using unreasonable force.” The young lady attacked is known by the community as a star basketball player who is in college on a full scholarship. She has no prior criminal history. This cannot, and should not be ignored. As a Licensed Attorney, I stand by the family of this victim. This is the very abusive behavior that Our Constitution seeks to PREVENT. I believe that officers have a very important job to muster, and when executing their duties there are protocols that must be strictly adhered to. Most officers follow that protocol. But when they deviate from that protocol by using excessive force to detain an individual, as Corbett did here they WILL and SHOULD be prosecuted to the full extent of the Constitution!

    Attorney For The People!

  12. yjdk says:

    Hey blue lives, you might need to watch the video again and again and again. It’s in plain sight what exactly happened. I find it strange that the deputy has not been named, if it was a civilian their name and address would be splattered all over the place.

    • pyrate says:

      I did see the video again and again and again. It was not “in plain sight what happened”.. The video was shaky, it was at a distance, and behind the girl’s back and the officer’s back. But since I did see the video again and again and again, I did see the female jerk away from the officer and then out her hands on him. That justified the officer taking her down. To be clear, I’m NOT saying it’s justified that he threw a punch at her! But when nerves are on edge and adrenaline is running high, it’s best not to make any aggressive moves against an officer that’s trying to keep the peace at a public event.

  13. Blue lives matter says:

    Prayers for the officer during this stressful situation that he has to go through. He was only trying to protect the thousands of other fair attendees and now due to a few rowdy people he will he Judged by millions. Thank you for your service.


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