Monday 20 Jan 2020

Armed Robbery Reported At Internet Gaming Business

A robber reportedly strikes an internet gaming business in Goldsboro. The Goldsboro Police Department responded to 117 Internet on the 2300 block of US 117 S. around 1 AM on Monday.  Two employees told officers a black male entered the business, went to the back office, pointed a handgun at the employees, and demanded money.  The suspect left with an undetermined amount of cash.  According to the GPD report, the suspect is described as a black male, about 5’11”, approximately 200 pounds with a medium build, and long dreadlocks.  The suspect’s vehicle was described as a silver Dodge Ram quadcab.


  1. Willow says:

    I know this is the “wrong story”, but Daddy Kelly started it and I just wanted to say “what a fine example he’s set for his children”. I looked Mr. Kelly up on the NC DPS Offender Public Information website & it says that he’s “an absconder from parole/probation supervision” and asks that anyone who knows his whereabouts contact the DPS Division of Adult Corrections at 1-888-646-0024. And we all saw Mama’s antics and heard her spew her vulgarity. I’d say those kids never had a decent chance in life with those parents as role models….but hey, let’s blame the police.

  2. Tavoris Kelly says:

    Tziah Kelly is nothing like they saying you can go to any school she went to and ask anybody that knows her have she ever showed any of these charctistic they trying to say she displayed that night…if she was under arrest she would’ve been in handcuffs therefore he had no rights to touch a female.. for all we know he could be a prevert.. she and anybody else have the right to defend themselves therefore when he hit her she have the right to hit back…I will be filing a complaint with the SBI.. HER FATHER TAVORIS LEE KELLY

    • here to help says:

      wrong article bud

    • pyrate says:

      Ok, Tavoris, I’ve got several things to comment on, so let me check them off my list for you:
      1. From what I see, she wasn’t under arrest until she jerked away from the officer. She was being escorted to the exit gate by the deputy because she was presumably causing a lot of trouble at the fairgrounds. Deputies usually don’t resort to slapping handcuffs to troublemakers in a situation like that. They walk them out to give them a chance to cool off their hot heads.
      2. To call him a “prevert” because he was “touching a female” is laughable. The deputy was doing his job, which was trying to keep the peace at a family-friendly public event.
      3. Before you click “send” on your phone, please read your comments back to yourself and see if they make any sense to you. I’m not a spelling and grammar expert, but Dude, I get a little worn out after reading a post five or six times to try to make sense out of it.
      Finally, 4. If you are indeed Ms. Kelly’s father, please don’t post comments like this to the rest of the community. It doesn’t do anything to help your daughter’s case and it makes you look angry and foolish, which is the kind of behavior your daughter got in trouble with in the first place at the fair.

    • pyrate says:

      Oh, and I forgot another thing, Tavoris … Your putting your comment on the wrong news story. This story is about an armed robbery, not about someone acting foolish at the fair. Once again, doesn’t help your argument at all. Pay attention!

    • The Truth says:

      …says the man with a pending court date for FELONY LARCENY

    • Willow says:

      Tavoris…you go right ahead & contact the SBI. I’m sure they won’t hesitate to turn you over to the authorities here in Wayne County since you’re currently wanted for failing to report to Parole/Probation. You should set a better example for your children.


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