Friday 15 Nov 2019

New Round Of Art Unveiled In Downtown Goldsboro (PHOTOS)

Every year, the City of Goldsboro swaps out the four sculptures leased in the downtown area.

On Friday, the city held its 5th annual installation ceremony dedicating the new pieces of downtown art.

Goldsboro Assistant City Manager Randy Guthrie says the city decided the leasing method was optimal in 2015.

Guthrie says the new sculptures continue to be a draw for Goldsboro’s revitalized downtown area, with many people using the art as backdrops in photos which then help spread the good word about Goldsboro across social media.

Goldsboro City Council member David Ham noted interest in the downtown art is growing, with a 20% increase in participation in the selection process this year.

Ham says the sculptures are a part of the downtown’s economic redevelopment.

The four new downtown sculptures and their locations are:

“Reflex” by Mike Hansel is located at the Center Street and Mulberry Street intersection

“Trinity” by Hanna Jubran is located at the Center Street and Chestnut Street

“Valkyrie” by Jack Howard Potter is located at the John Street Parking Lot entrance

“Blossom” by Joni Younkins-Herzog will be located in the center median on the 100 block of N. Center Street (“Blossom” is expected to be installed Monday, Oct. 21)

Members of the Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation and the Public Art Steering Committee introduced the new downtown artwork to a crowd in front of Goldsboro City Hall on Friday.


  1. Taxpayer says:

    Back in May 2019, the CoG sought members of the public to be part of the Public Art Steering Committee. Did any of you apply? Then in July, CoG asked for public comments on nine potential sculptures selected by the Public Art Steering Committee. Did any of you offer comments in the appropriate forum (not as an anonymous comment on this website)? The next time this process begins, be a part of it. Personally, I’m happy with the job they do.

  2. Lil Sheba says:

    I’m curious…are any of these pieces by local artists? If not, why doesn’t the DGDC support local talent when looking for new sculptures? Perhaps they could partner with the local Arts Council and offer guidance and assistance to local artists then when the leases run out on these pieces, there will be creations by area artists to display. Use our local talent and keep the money here at home. A great way to support our community.

    • pyrate says:

      I agree.

    • NMN says:

      A little bit of internet sleuthing reveals that Mr. Hansel lives in RI; Mr. Potter in NY; Ms. Younkins-Hertzog lives in GA & Mr. Jubran is with the ECU School of Art & Design in Greenville, NC, so “he’s sort of local”. I agree as well, use local talent. Perhaps the art and even engineering departments in some of our local schools could work together to create pieces for next time.

    • Taxpayer says:

      If you recall, they displayed a dinosaur made by Benton & Sons a couple years ago. If you know of a local artist who has an artwork they would like displayed on Center St, suggest it during the next selection process. Complaining after the new statues are selected and installed is kind of pointless.

  3. Pyrate says:

    Sorry, “give” not “gove”.

  4. Pyrate says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m old-school, but most of the sculptures the committee has considered and chosen just look ridiculous and don’t make any sense. I know this is designed to gove downtown a “hip” atmosphere but I’d like to see art that better represents our people in eastern NC.

    • Leah says:

      To be honest, since being sent here, the art is one of our fams favorite parts of goldsboro. Weve been here 4 years and still havent adjusted to small town life and may end up leaving before we do, haha , but the art always changing is something that reminds us of places weve lived before – art seems to always be something you can find no matter where you go. Its an odd comfort. I love that they change it every few months. Super refreshing and gives artists chances to be seen.


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