Saturday 14 Dec 2019

Suspect Shoots Store Clerk During Armed Robbery

Around 10 PM Friday, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Family Dollar on U.S. 117 South in the Mar-Mac Community in reference to an armed robbery and shooting. Upon arrival, deputies found one of the store clerks had been shot once during the robbery of the store. Patrol deputies with the use of a K-9 ran a track of the suspect south from the store but could not locate the suspect. The clerk was transported from the scene by EMS to Wayne UNC Hospital for treatment where she is listed in stable condition. The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5’9″ to 5’11”, slim build with short dreads wearing a black hoodie, dark pants, white under shirt and white tennis shoes using a dark colored bandana to covering his face.  The suspect was armed with a small caliber handgun.

At this time, the sheriff’s office is not releasing any further information or the victim’s name due to the nature of this investigation.

Anyone that has information about this shooting and robbery is asked to call the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office at 919-731-1480 or Crime Stoppers at 919-735-2255 and callers can remain anonymous and may receive a cash reward for their tip.


  1. Nosey marmac resident says:

    Actually, nosey or not, i am a law abiding, working, tax paying citizen who lives in this neighborhood, concerned about the safety of my family. Therefor, i have every right to know about the investigation. Now lets just imagine, hypothetically, lets say the shooter/ robber is in your neighborhood. Would you want to know who to look out for or who to not let your children near? Im sure you would. Especially since innocent people are getting shot down. Now you can be super serious and have no sense of humor about me calling myself nosey but i do know the clerk, and several of the employees and have been personally affected by all this nonsense. I joke and say im nosey but in all reality i have every right to be when my familys safety could potentially be at stake. Thats not nosey, its genuine concern about wanting to put a criminal in jail and out of MY neighborhood. Maybe if more people were nosey and stop bickering about whats P.C. our society might just come together instead of so much division. And let me just say, before anyone even asks, yes i support my local police officers and i think if we had more nosey (concerned) citizens we might help to make thier jobs a little easier. But no one can give information if its not known what they are looking for. So when the police K9s come through your backyard to search for the person that shot someone you know in your own community, just remember that in your words, you dont have a right to know anything.

    • Duh says:

      You live by the marmac family Dollar. We can tell how much you care for your neighborhood by how nice it looks. I’d be worried about most of your neighbors lol.

    • TJ says:

      I agree with you, “Nosey marmac resident.”

      The problem is, even if they catch the criminal, judges will let him out with just a slap on the wrist, and he will keep shooting people.

      • ???? says:

        That’s exactly what I’ve been complaining about for several years. At the last judicial election for Superior Court Judge here in Wayne County, we had no decent options…2 candidates of questionable moral character and one who apparently should have been a social worker…not a judge. I’m not ragging on social workers, I just think that by the time a criminal reaches the courtroom of the Superior Court (some having been there many, many times), giving them a lecture as opposed to an active prison sentence is no longer the answer. At that point, they don’t need a social worker, they need a judge who will give them a taste of prison life. Those who appear in Superior Court are mostly hard-core criminals who have robbed, assaulted, sold drugs, etc. They are not everyday folks who were caught doing 45mph in a 35 mph zone or failed to wear their seat belt. Lectures don’t work for them. A judge’s position is to determine a fair and just punishment for one’s criminal wrongdoings but he should also consider the general public’s safety.

  2. pyrate says:

    It’s officially the holiday season, when the hard working and taxpaying givers of the world are celebrating a time of giving, gratitude and worship. Also the time of year when the takers of the world are focused hard on their robbery, murder and mayhem. Probably won’t calm down until after New Years.

  3. Lil ole lady says:

    Black hoodie, bandanna covering his face! How do you think you could recognize him??

  4. Nosey marmac resident says:

    Can we please get a suspect pic atleast? I know for a fact they have cameras in that store so why not release a sketch or something? I agree with blue… My son even fits that description and now thanks to that i wont even let him go out to marmac alone right now. Not taking any chances and hes 19 yrs old and im afraid to let him go out without someone with him. Secondly, this literally happened in my backyard. My dogs were going crazy that night because of the k9s searching so close to my house and i want to know who to look for because it put my family in danger as well. Not at all happy with how this has been kinda hush hush…. Im a concerned citizen that wants to know why me and my neighbors dont know who to be on the lookout for

  5. Blue says:

    That suspect description fits half of Wayne County….


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