Saturday 14 Dec 2019

LISTEN: Buttigieg Addresses Poverty During Goldsboro Visit

A presidential candidate visits Wayne County.

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, attended Sunday services at Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro before meeting with Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II for a conversation on poverty.

Buttigieg has faced growing scrutiny on his ability and efforts to gain support from African American voters, although Rev. Barber said part of that stemmed from a “false narrative” that suggests some African Americans reject members the LGBT community.  Barber also noted that Buttigieg was making the effort to spread his campaign message to voters in a southern state.  Rev. Barber, a civil rights leader and co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, said poverty is a “moral crisis” in America.

During the nearly two hour long conversation on poverty, Buttigieg fielded questions regarding an increase in the federal minimum wage, racial gerrymandering, healthcare, and military spending.  Buttigieg said America needed a “21st Century Voting Rights Act,” called for an end to mass incarceration, and suggested the nation needed to reprioritize its military spending.  The South Bend Mayor also said Americans “need to get paid more,” and he pledged to double union membership in the country is elected president.


Buttigieg and Rev. Barber addressed the media following Sunday’s service and community conversation.  You can listen to the complete press conference with the presidential candidate and civil rights activist below.



  1. fly on the wall says:

    The only thing I heard them say was…
    “I’m here to help you help me”

  2. Zeke says:

    When I see help wanted signs all over town and then I hear people speak about poverty? If your poor and you need more money to make ends meet get a second job. I’ve done that during my life when I needed a bit more to make ends meet. It doesn’t have to be long term and it doesn’t hurt. If you want better there are many avenues to help you get a better education or skill set. It just takes wanting it.

    • pyrate says:

      Zeke, I agree with you. In addition to the victimhood attitude you’re describing, there’s also another big factor. Our social services system is basically designed so that once someone needs help, then the rules and regulations keep them at that same level. There is no incentive built in the system to encourage anyone to improve themselves to the point where they no longer require social services. That’s why you see generations of families staying on social services. It’s the easy way to live, anything else takes effort and means a level of risk. I have a dear friend that lives in Section 8 housing and works part time hours. This person has had many chances to work full time and make more income but doesn’t want to risk losing government housing and to live independently. It’s a sad way to live life, but blame your local and state governments for putting in too many “safety nets” in social services. BTW, this is no racist at all, I see all races caught in the same sad cycle.

    • to tell the trurh says:

      The worst thing about being poor is accepting it. I f you want to change it you can if you work hard at it,,,,,, It is possible if you try hard enough,,…..I have been there and done that These 2 guys probably do not know anything about being poor

  3. EAGLE EYE says:

    It is pitiful what the Democratic party has become. Nothing but lies and hate. They always have to play the cards of victim and racism. The Democrat party has no major accomplishments in the last 11 years. Nothing but dividing a country. By the end of 2020 they will evolve into the communist party.


  4. Daryl says:

    Did he bring his husband with him to see the Rev!!

  5. kialboots says:

    Pictured are two prime examples of Americas decline in morality and everything good this country was built on.. The enemy within..

    • Spoon says:

      Please elaborate on that.

      • Jesus says:

        Here is your elaboration…
        Democrats pander for minority votes. That’s all.
        Not votes from everyone, just minorities.
        It’s a political strategy that is obvious to everyone, except those whose votes are being pandered to.
        Democrats use minority voters to get elected, then do nothing for the voters.
        Minorities are getting used and abused, democrats only want your vote, and will say and do anything to get that vote.

    • Saywhatnow says:

      Maybe take a look in the mirror if you’re concerned about the “moral decline of America”

  6. Jesus says:

    Talking about poverty, next to someone who is obese.

    • Budha says:

      Well poverty and wealth aren’t correlated, just because your fat/obese doesn’t mean and your financially stable and vise versa en other skinny/ thin.

  7. pyrate says:

    Getting excited about a national-level race panderer coming to Goldsboro to have a photo-op with another wannabe national-level race panderer? No thanks!


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