Saturday 18 Jan 2020

LISTEN: Steyer Tackles Issue Of Poverty During Stop In Goldsboro

Tom Steyer and Rev. William Barber

Another candidate for president makes a stop in Goldsboro.

Tom Steyer, a candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, attended mass at Greenleaf Christian Church on Sunday and then took part in a roundtable discussion on poverty led by the Rev. William Barber. Barber is a co-founder of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for a Moral Revival.

Topics covered during the forum on poverty included affordable health care, education, raising the minimum wage, and voter rights. Several times during the discussion, Steyer referred to poverty in this country as “cruelty.”  He expressed his support for raising the minimum wage and protecting the right to vote for all Americans.

Rev. Barber assured Steyer’s visit to Greenleaf was in no way an endorsement, rather an opportunity to discuss the issue of poverty.  Barber says all presidential candidates from either party have been invited to take part in Sunday services and a similar forum at Greenleaf.  Pete Buttigieg, another Democratic candidate for president, also attended mass and a forum on poverty at Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro in December.

Tom Steyer and Rev. William Barber address the media following Sunday’s forum on poverty.  Listen to the complete press conference with the presidential candidate and the civil rights leader below.


  1. The Truth says:

    I think the Rev, should keep politics out of the church… It is a place for praise and saving lost souls…If you want to really help poverty , lead them to Christ first and give them some faith to believe in themselves and only then will they win,….That is preaching 101,,,, That is what real preachers are for, AMEN

    • pyrate says:

      I agree with you. That’s when commenting on William Barber I always write the word “reverend” in quotes. He holds a doctorate in divinity from Duke only because the ultra-white ultra-liberal university essentially had a joke of a affirmative action-like program. I think Barber has no concept of the Plan of Salvation and has no interest or knowledge of how to lead people to Christ. He’s wearing his clerical robes as a Social Justice Warrior, not a minister. The only reason I think he chose to become a church leader is that was the only way he could have credibility with his fellow African Americans.

  2. EAGLE EYE says:

    Wow another loser escorted through the left wing political underground of Wayne Co. Steyer agrees with illegals and we end up supporting them in the end, that’s why he also wants to raise taxes. It’s all a power thing for these corrupt maniacs. Mr. Hate George Soros is their master and his money supports their anti-American agenda. They won’t be satisfied until they have their global government. You won’t miss your freedom until it’s taken away from you. Maybe taxpayers should be the only voters!

  3. pyrate says:

    From the article: Several times during the discussion, Steyer referred to poverty in this country as “cruelty.”
    No, Steyer, poverty is usually not the state of your pocketbook, it’s a state of mind. The real cruelty I see is a billionaire with white-guilt teaming up with a race-baiting “reverend” using the pulpit to push poisonous politics. It’s truly cruel to keep generations of people (regardless of race) on the white liberal plantations with their propaganda and not freeing them up so they can realize their own personal worth and potential. Instead, they are expected to be good little ignorant girls and boys and vote Democrat the rest of their lives!

  4. fly on the wall says:

    I heard “let me help you help me”

  5. Don’t be fooled says:

    The Rev is the leader of the Poor Peoples Campaign, but he is anything but poor.

    Follow the money…

  6. kialboots says:

    Most people are poor because they choose to be lazy and want everything given to them.. The Democratic way.. Barber is a leader in keeping people riled up with his liberal lies..

    • Antonio Jones says:

      In defense of Rev. Barber, he has had some health issues. Although he has himself needed medical help, he continues to pronounce words that cause people to rise up. He is an optimistic statistic.

    • Rachel Warren says:

      Kialboots, u nailed it!!

    • In the real world says:

      Sounds like you’ve never known anyone who lives in poverty. Poor people are sometimes too lazy to go to work (just as rich people sometimes are), but poverty stems from a cyclical set of behaviors that start poor children out behind their peers, saddle them with fewer chances to correct those choices that led to poverty to start with, and generally increases the risk of living in poverty for their whole lives. The current social and economic construct of our country doesn’t help either.

    • hellion says:

      kiaboots I totally agree with you and this is why I believe abortion should be legal so instead of having to spend our tax money and there poor salary on the unwanted offsprings it could be used to better themselves.


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