Sunday 19 Jan 2020

Challenge To Daughtery’s Residency Quickly Dismissed

District 6 Commissioner Joe Daughtery

A challenge to a Wayne County Commissioner’s residency is stopped dead in its tracks.

It barely took two minutes for the Wayne County Board of Elections to unanimously dismiss the challenge to District 6 Commissioner Joe Daughtery’s residency on Tuesday.

Board of Elections member M. Bryant King made the motion to bring the challenge to an abrupt end.

Brent Heath had filed the challenge against Daughtery’s candidacy suggesting the incumbent county commissioner actually resided in Carteret County.

Heath did provide Goldsboro Daily News with documentation showing Daughtery paid vehicle taxes on two vehicles in Carteret County in 2019.

In the end, the challenge was dismissed Tuesday due to the fact that Heath is not a resident of Daughtery’s District 6, meaning Heath is not eligible to challenge Daughtery’s residency.

Daughtery tells Goldsboro Daily News he felt vindicated, although he also suggested the Board of Elections clarify the requirements to register to vote in the county and to be eligible to serve in public office.

Commissioner Joe Daughtery and Brent Heath both spoke to the Wayne County Board of Elections during Tuesday’s hearing.



  1. outrages says:

    ‘only took two minutes” can’t they see that “Joe Daughtry” is actually Steve Carrel in disguise and Steve Carrel is not a resident of Wayne county. No wonder he was able to buy the board of election.

  2. VOTER says:

    Jay Bravo

    What do you have to say now?

    Seems like you may have had something to do with this crap since you had a paragraph to write about this?

    • Another Voter says:

      Sounds like we don’t know any more than we did when this all started. I guess we’ll just roll on toward the March primary with no answers.


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