Sunday 23 Feb 2020

City Sets New Rates For T.C. Coley Center

The City of Goldsboro sets new rates for renting space at the T.C. Coley Community Center. This month, the Goldsboro City Council set the rates for the facility which was reopened to the public approximately one year ago.

Under the new rate structure, the city will charge $450 a month, or $5,400 a year, for an organization to long-term lease the gymnasium space at the T.C. Coley Center.

The increased rates would impact Ashford Boxing, which has utilized the facility’s gym for its programs.

Dustin Pittman, representing Ashford Boxing, said the new fees would basically shut down the organization.  Pittman suggested allowing Ashford Boxing to just pay $200 a month for the next year.

Mayor Chuck Allen noted the city was tasked with setting the rates for the public facility, and those rates needed to be fair for everybody in the community.

While Steve Ashford presented his concerns about the new higher rates, a community member stepped forward during the council meeting and agreed to cover the difference so Ashford Boxing could continue operating inside the T.C. Coley Community Center for the next year.

New rates for the T.C. Coley Community Center (click to zoom)

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