Monday 18 Jun 2018


Election Day 2016: Time To Vote

It’s Election Day 2016 as Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump face off to replace President Barack Obama in Jan 2017. If victorious, Clinton will become the first female president, while […]

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Election Days Away: Close Race, Trump Close To Home

With days to go until Election Day, a new poll released Yesterday by Elon University shows the political races in North Carolina are tight. The latest Elon Poll shows

Clinton: “I Feel Better”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she didn't think that her falling ill with pneumonia was going to be "that big of a deal." Clinton tells CNN's "Anderson Cooper

GOP, Dems Battle Over NC Early Voting Rules

The swing state of North Carolina could be pushed in a Republican or Democratic direction when the GOP-led State Board of Elections meets Thursday to finalize early voting

Trump: US Generals, “I’d Replace Some”

Republican Donald Trump leveled unusually harsh criticism against the U.S. military during a national security forum on NBC Wednesday night. Trump said that America's generals have been "reduced to

Greenville Braces For Trump

The City of Greenville is bracing for the arrival of Donald Trump who is pushing ahead in North Carolina...a top presidential battleground state. Trump is scheduled to speak

US High Court Refuses To Reinstate NC Voter ID

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to reinstate North Carolina's voter identification requirement and keep just 10 early voting days this fall. The justices on Wednesday declined a request

Trump: People In US Illegally Must Leave

"There will be no amnesty." That's what Donald Trump said when he delivered a speech on illegal immigration Wednesday night in Arizona. The Republican presidential nominee said, "Anyone who

Trump’s Surprise Move

Donald Trump is making a surprise move and is traveling to Mexico today, just hours before the Republican presidential nominee delivers a highly anticipated speech on immigration. Trump will

State Attorneys Emphasize Why Voting Law Must Be Endorsed

Attorneys for North Carolina have gotten in one last set of arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court about why a voter identification mandate and 10 days of early