Tuesday 20 Aug 2019

Athlete of the Week: Rayanna Koch

By ANDREW STEVENS For Rayanna Koch, the driving force behind her softball success wasn’t the desire to overcome a bitter rival, or almost any other personal or team accolade worth […]

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Athlete of the Week – Eryka Baldwin

ERYKA BALDWINSouthern Wayne High School By ANDREW STEVENS For many athletes confidence is often the key that unlocks the door to success. For Southern Wayne's Eryka Baldwin, it took achieving goals

Athlete of the Week: Abbey Thomas

ABBEY THOMAS C.B. Aycock High School By ANDREW STEVENS In a time when athletes are being pressured to specialize in a single sport at an increasingly younger age, Abbey Thomas is

Athlete of the Week: Ericka Parra

ERICKA PARRA Spring Creek High School By ANDREW STEVENS Spring Creek's girls' soccer program doesn't have the luxury of relying on an abundance of experienced seniors to lead its upperclassmen by

Athlete of the Week: Taniyah Oates

  TANIYAH OATES Eastern Wayne High School By ANDREW STEVENS Taniyah Oates has competed in hundreds of track competitions, from challenging her Wayne County rivals to pursuing state championships. As a senior at

Athlete of the Week: Lee Sutton

LEE SUTTON James Kenan High School By ANDREW STEVENS If Lee Sutton knew years ago what he knows now, the James Kenan senior would have picked up a football a long

Athlete of the Week: Cal Reese

CAL REESE Faith Christian By ANDREW STEVENS Finding a high school pitcher with the confidence and ability to consistently throw a knuckle-ball for strikes is rare. Those who have watched Cal Reese's progression know

Athlete of the Week: Brie Verme

BRIE VERME Wayne Christian School By ANDREW STEVENS Long revered as one of Eastern North Carolina's premier softball pitching coaches, Roger Longwell has witnessed countless high school upperclassmen who have reaped

Athlete Of The Week: Peyton Howard

PEYTON HOWARD North Lenoir High School By ANDREW STEVENS In the midst of North Lenoir's run to the 2-A Eastern Finals last season, opportunity came knocking at Peyton Howard's door. Despite being

Athlete of the Week – Lane Woodall

LANE WOODALL Princeton High School By ANDREW STEVENS When the right mix of talent and hard work come together the results can often be unexpected. Anyone who doubts this theory has never