Saturday 20 Apr 2019


“Who Was That Girl?” By Guest Writer Kriquette Davis

Who Was That Girl? In 2010, when I began this painful journey, I was very different form who I am today. I was trying to be everything I thought everyone […]

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Time To Start Thinking About Pecan Weevil Control

Now is the time to start preparing for managing pecan weevils as they will soon be emerging from the ground and into your pecan trees. If you have

Moving NC In The Right Direction By Guest Writer Rep. John Bell

North Carolina was once a state that was defined by slow economic growth, high unemployment, burdensome taxes, and massive federal debt. Our great state has since come a

February Gardening Tips

We usually don’t think much about gardening during February, however there is a lot that can be done this month to get your garden ready for spring time.

It’s Not The Size Of The Dog By Guest Writer Kriquette Davis

Mark Twain said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”.  Yep, that was Kasey Swartz alright.

January Plant Spotlight: Tea Olive

Jessica Strickland -- Wayne County Horticulture Extension Agent This month’s plant spotlight is the tea olive, also known by scientific name as Osmanthus. Tea olive is a dense, evergreen shrub

Time to Consider Adding Fruit Trees to Your Garden

With the start of the New Year, many of us set typical New Year resolutions such as getting healthy, lose weight, reduce stress or start a new hobby.

Freeze Frame By Guest Writer Kriquette Davis

This is a follow up about the pictures I had taken. I ended up not having the photographs taken that day because of the weather, but I did

Mystery Plant by Guest Writer John Nelson

The American chestnut (Castanea dentata) is a tree that shall for evermore be immortalized as a true forest giant of the eastern USA, often up to 100' tall,

Mystery Plant by Guest Writer John Nelson

Nothing teems But hateful docks, rough thistles, kecksies, burs, Losing both beauty and utility. --William Shakespeare, King Henry V, act 5 The Duke of Burgundy came up with a good metaphor for