Monday 23 Jan 2017


After 3 Years, MH370 Search Ends With No Plane, Few Answers

After nearly three years, the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has ended in futility. Crews have finally completed their deep-sea search of a desolate stretch of the Indian Ocean […]

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NC’s Electors Meet to Cast Deciding Votes

The last acts in the presidential drama conducted in North Carolina for more than 200 years are about to take place. Presidential electors will meet in Raleigh's antebellum Capitol

Judge Weighs Injuries to Bergdahl’s Comrades

A military judge weighing evidence of injuries to two servicemen who searched for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl says the soldier bears some responsibility for triggering dangerous search missions

Lidl Closer to Having a Home in Goldsboro

A new grocery store is one step closer to becoming a reality in Goldsboro. The Goldsboro City Council approved a property change that paves the way for the

Clothing Needed

First Baptist Church needs your clothing donations, especially children's clothes, for its fourth annual Warm the World clothing giveaway. Coats, blankets, hats, gloves and scarves will given to community residents

Former Israeli President Shimon Peres Has Died

JERUSALEM (AP) — A funeral will be held Friday for former Israeli president and prime minister Shimon Peres, who died at age 93. Peres suffered a debilitating stroke on

NK Confirms Successful Nuclear Test

North Korea says it has successfully conducted a nuclear explosion test aimed at examining the power of its nuclear warheads. North Korea's state TV said Friday that the test

US Condemns NK Firing Of 3 Missiles

The United States is condemning North Korea's firing of three ballistic missiles off its east coast during the Group of 20 economic summit in China. The U.S. says the

U.N. Condemns NK Ballistic Missile Launches

The U.N. Security Council is strongly condemning four North Korean ballistic missile launches in July and August, calling them "grave violations" of a ban on all ballistic missile

French Farmers Protest Driving Dairy Prices

French farmers are occupying an intersection outside the headquarters of dairy giant Lactalis and crying for help as they struggle to compete with cheaper countries in Europe's single