Saturday 04 Apr 2020

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If you have a news tip or would like to share a news or feature story with our news team, please fill out the form below. Please leave an valid email address or phone number so a reporter can follow up with you. Any information submitted is kept confidential.  You may also contact our News Director at (919) 736-1150 – Option 4

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Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation the Curtis Media Group Goldsboro Business Office and Studios are closed to the general public.  Our staff is committed to keeping you updated on this on-going crisis but we will be working remotely.  Should you need immediate attention, please call 919-736-1150 and press Option 6 to reach an on-call representative.

For complete coverage of the Coronavirus, please listen to any of these Curtis Media Group local stations:

WGBR - 1150 AM & 98.3 FM
WFMC - 730 AM & 105.7 FM
WZKT - 97.7 FM Katie Country
WSSG - 1300 AM & 92.7 FM - 92.7 JAMZ
WWMC - 1010 AM & 92.9 FM

or visit

Local COVID-19 Advice