Saturday 28 Mar 2020

WATCH: Sheriff’s Office Provides New Video Of Fair Incident

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office provides new details on the altercation between a deputy and attendee at the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair.

A video that has circulated on social media appears to show an unnamed deputy punching 18-year-old T’ziah Kelly in the face as she resists while he attempts to escort her out of the fair Saturday night.

During a press conference Thursday, Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce released new bystander video and video from the fairgrounds that shows more of the incident.

Pierce says Kelly was already physically contacting deputies before what was seen in the original viral video.

Deputy Mike Smith explained the techniques the deputy attempted to use while subduing Kelly, and he says it’s not unheard of for a law enforcement officer to use force to gain control of a suspect.

The video shows even after incident, Kelly attempts to reenter the fairgrounds and deputies having to stop her.

Sheriff Pierce called the situation an “unfortunate event.”

Concerned citizens were on-hand at the Wayne County Courthouse Thursday, although they say they were not admitted to the sheriff’s office press conference.

Sheriff Pierce says his office has been thwarted in its attempts to obtain a statement or interview from Kelly or copies of the original viral video.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the incident and the deputy in question has been placed on administrative duties.

Audio from Thursday’s press conference on the Wayne County Fair incident

Newly released video of the Wayne County Fair incident

Wayne County Fair Video (NSFW)

Original bystander video from the Wayne County Fair incident


  1. Jesus Afri says:

    Let that have been an European, or a Caucasian American adolescent it would have been a different outcome. She should have been arrested for disorderly conduct not suker punched! How would he feel if someone punched alley or Brett in their faces

    • Adamrothman says:

      Yeah it would not be in the news.

    • The Truth says:

      Oh please… stop playing the race card. That thing is worn out. If alley or Brett did the same thing as Ms. Kelly, they would have got the same thing from the deputy and nobody, of any race, would have batted an eye.

  2. God's Not Dead says:

    Sheriff Larry Pierce’s summary at the end of his press conference “hits the nail on the head.” Ms. Kelly’s actions and lack of respect is only a reflection of what is going on in our “modern” society and at home. If my child acted and disrespected an official, like Ms. Kelly did, she or he would be more concerned with their consequences at home, than with the law!
    Proverbs 20:3 (NLT version) says it best, “Avoiding a fight is a mark of honor; only fools insist on quarreling.” I question why her family has not been willing to cooperate with the sheriff’s office by releasing the full video they have, rather than a portion of it, which they were so willing to “splash” on social media.

  3. Lil ole lady says:

    Here is the bottom line: if parents (or parent) taught their children to respect authority, whether it be a teacher or an officer of the law or an employer, things like this wouldn’t happen! These young people are taught that they are “owed” something because of the life they are living! They are taught that they don’t have to follow the rules because of who they are! It starts at home! But if the parents were never taught these things then how do we expect their children to know! That officer did what he needed to do to calm a situation! Sounds like the brother has more sense than his all A’s, basketball star older sister!

  4. Adamrothman says:

    It’s funny how the people that still think the deputy was wrong even after watching the video can not even string together a comprehendable sentence.

  5. The Truth says:

    Sheriff Larry Pierce made an excellent point about the low standard of conduct that is being instilled in many youths today. This is a prime example of that. The family does not appear to care one bit that their son was very close to getting into a serious brawl at the fair. They don’t care about how their daughter behaved while in the fair or after being escorted out. Meanwhile they are still calling everyone else liars and racists.

  6. Outraged says:

    This is outrageous, everybody that was part of that fight should be charged as well and banned from the fair forever people go there to go have a good time not to see thugs fighting. good job WCSO and if you don’t support the officer then don’t go fair anymore and fine with that

  7. Common Sense says:

    Thanks to the officer for doing his job. I am behind the officer 100 percent. To everyone else, stop arguing with these hoodlums in the forum. That is what caused this pathetic display of humanity. They can’t be reasoned with, sometimes you have to just knock some sense into them.

  8. JT says:

    And the truth comes out. She no longer looks like the innocent child she was portrayed to be. Shame on all of you that are trying to get this deputy fired. All she had to do was walk out. Couldn’t even do that without acting a fool. I remember her saying the violence shown towards her was unnecessary. What about the violence her brother and those other clowns put on display for all of Wayne County to witness? What about her own violent behavior? Take some responsibility for your own actions!

  9. LOL 2 says:

    Yeah they showed what a clown the officer was

  10. The Truth says:

    @Lateryka Sanders…oh my, there was another video after all. And don’t delete that video you have. That would be bad. If you did not get that request for the original video, consider it requested.

  11. Wayne county resident says:

    For one y’all not bout to do this cuz that’s not even her in that video that y’all escorted out. That is a young man.. try again.

  12. Ayanna says:

    It’s totally wrong that y’all trying to make her out to be the bad person… not once was them arrows correct ! That officer had no business hitting her or attempting to so call “retaining” her by hair or the back of her neck she’s a female not a male … And for y’all that’s laughing I bet on y’all last dollar y’all wouldn’t be making fun of this situation if it was one of y’all family members… And by the way she’s never been in trouble made all A’ s in school, the star basketball player for Goldsboro High School, well mannered, full of joy, very very good at sports no matter what it is/was… meanwhile this officer that y’all trying to protect beats his wife and has got attacked by inmates because of the way he acts and talks to them but y’all want to continue to defend a woman beater..

    • Anonymous says:

      So because she can play basketball you believe she should get a free pass to assault people, including a law enforcement officer? Her brother apparently had sense enough to go peacefully, why didn’t she? As was pointed our previously, due to her basketball training, she’s most likely very physically strong and therefore, when she resisted, the officer had to use whatever means necessary to control the situation. People with your attitude are what’s wrong with society today and why decent people have to be afraid in their own homes.

    • Adamrothman says:

      So to cover up for the original lie of brutality you lie about this man beating his wife? How would you know. How would you know how someone does in school, you can barely write.

    • JT says:

      This deputy has never worked in the jail. Get your facts straight before you post.

  13. LOL says:

    hahahhaha who looks like a clown now hahhaha

    thank you WCSO always belived in you

    • I Back the Blue says:

      So glad there was other videos that showed what ACTUALLY happened. This officer was doing what he needed to do to keep the situation under control. So many trying to give officers a bad reputation when they are the ones protecting citizens. Bet if this girl was getting her tail beat and officers were standing around she would want their help then.

    • Goldsboro man says:

      He still was wrong

    • Goldsboro man says:

      WCSO could’ve and should’ve been more professional he shouldn’t have hit nobody


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