Friday 13 Dec 2019

Energy Coalition Pushes For Customer Choice, Switch To Renewables

A statewide effort is looking toward a busy 2020 with plans to take further steps to address climate change and end Duke Energy’s monopoly in North Carolina

From Tuesday through Thursday this week, the Energy Justice N.C. Coalition met in Goldsboro as the consortium works on its plans and objectives for next year.

Bobby Jones with the Down East Coal Ash Coalition has one particular concern for the Goldsboro area.  He’s concerned about Duke Energy’s plans to burn and reuse coal ash.

Matt Wasson, Director of Programs at Appalachian Voices, says the coalition hopes to get legislators on record in support of energy justice.  Wasson wants local citizens to have a say in their energy choices.

Connie Leeper is the Organizing Director for N.C. Warn, one of the partners in the Energy Justice N.C. Coalition. She says ending the Duke Energy monopoly will bring energy choice to the state and turn Duke Energy away from its plans to build new gas plants.  Leeper points out Duke Energy plans to move to only 8% renewables in the next 15 years, far below the national average.

Jim Warren, the Executive Director of N.C. Warn, says the group wants the state to be able to start transitioning toward cleaner, cheaper energy. Warren says many citizens aren’t aware of clean energy is now beating natural gas on price and reliability.

The Energy Justice N.C. Coalition met in Goldsboro on Thursday

Some of the issues the Energy Justice N.C. Coalition wishes to address are:

  • Duke Energy’s constant rate hikes
  • Environmental devastation
  • Pollution of the political system with campaign money and influence
  • Lack of choice and stalled job growth.

Energy Justice N.C. wants the state’s elected and civic leaders to:

  •  End Duke Energy’s Monopoly
  • Transition to 100% renewables
  • Pledge to refuse Duke’s influence money
  • Appoint utilities commissioners who will protect the people.

The Energy Justice N.C. Coalition is a collaboration of 14 local, state and national organizations looking to end the Duke Energy monopoly in North Carolina.

You can learn more about the coalition’s efforts at


  1. EAGLE EYE says:

    More of the left wing socialist agenda. This is more about power and control than climate. Big socialist organizations and donors are funding this leftist ideology. They don’t want people to really decide what’s best, these activist want to control your future. Real scientist say that if the green new (scam) deal had been in place last winter thousands in the midwest would have froze to death. Snow covered solar panels would not function and windmills were frozen and inoperable. If it is so great why do the extremist have to push it so hard on people? Take care of the environment but leave the socialist agenda out of it. I’m still waiting on the second ice age they promised in the 1970s.

    What can you do to help? Vote conservative and vote the left wing puppet Roy Cooper out of office.

  2. Jesus says:

    State lawmakers approved the duke, cp&l merger….
    And all of sudden someone notices this is a monopoly???

    This merger should have never been approved, and the monopoly in nc that was created from it.

    This coalition is wasting there time, and someone else’s money.


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